We’ve got your back. We’re here to help you succeed.

We want you to thrive, both on and off campus. That’s why AIM purposefully curates a supportive, collaborative environment and relevant resources to help you stay connected and up-to-date with the things you love.


Contact AIM Student Support at: student.wellbeing@aim.edu.au 

Support services –
because life can get complicated.

Our Student Life Advisors are always available to support you – whether you need help with academic matters, something personal or you’re feeling overwhelmed for any reason.

We also host regular workshops, presentations and support programs, such as:

  • Academic Support Sessions – for individuals and groups
  • Digital Support Sessions  – including Logic, Musescore and Sibelius
  • Library Support Sessions – including research, referencing and citations
  • Life Skills & Wellbeing Workshops – for personal development and life/work/study success
  • English Language Support Sessions – for international students
  • Equal Access Programs - Including reasonable adjustments
  • One on one mentoring & counselling referrals

Collaboration weeks –
because life gets interesting when you take the lead.

Each of your three annual study periods includes a Collaboration week, where you step up and your teachers take a back seat. You drive what you learn; your teachers provide practical skills and support while you lead. What is Collaboration? You’re going to love it:

  • Freedom: create, rehearse and apply your knowledge and skills without assessment or judgement.
  • Life Skills & Leadership: practising your craft, leading rehearsals, overseeing recordings and productions, all with the support of your academic mentors.
  • Integration & Innovation: breaking down barriers between programs and encouraging cross-disciplinary practice; experimenting and developing new music and industry concepts.
  • Performance & Production: showcase performances, drama productions and open master classes.
AIM Student Association

Student associations –
because life is better together.

Both our Sydney and Melbourne campuses have an active student presence. Why? To look after your wellbeing, to make sure you feel included and to help you find your sweet spot. Think of AIM’s student body like you would a band, orchestra or acting troupe – we all bring unique talents but we’re so much better when we play well together.

Our AIM Student Association (ASA) organises:

  • Jam Nights, fundraising events and live music gigs. Hang out with fellow students and perform at local venues or AIM’s recently built balcony terrace.
  • ASA also hosts Live Lounge sessions where you can mingle and perform alongside fellow students and musicians.
  • We promote many opportunities for our students to perform throughout the year, on and off both our Sydney and Melbourne campuses. Think ensembles, showcases, graduate recitals and more.

Social media –
because life happens online too.

At AIM, we pride ourselves on being up to date with all things music and performing arts, and we let you into the loop through our student e-newsletters, AIM blogs and media posts.

We post regularly from our social accounts and also stream our students’ gigs and performances. You can also use AIM Facebook groups to organise and promote your own music endeavours, discuss AIM life and form new friendships.

Check out and follow our social media accounts by clicking the links below.