Commence Your Studies

The Australian Government and AIM recognise that all international students will have some concerns about studying at this time. We have introduced some significant changes that will ensure that all international commencing and continuing students will receive the highest quality tertiary education across all programs. Read below for some important information:


1. If you are a commencing student or are thinking of applying, you can commence your studies at AIM from your home country at this time. Our next intake is in May 2020.


2. This is an interim arrangement. You will still need to get a valid COE and student visa to come to Australia once normal modes of face to face study are resumed.


3. You must apply for a visa as soon as you are able to do so. For information on the current status of visas, please click here. For information regarding student visas and COVID-19, please click here.


4. Students who have already received a visa can commence their studies online from your home country.


5. You may be able to commence or continue with a reduced study load for the time being. This can be discussed when you are registering for units.


6. You will not be disadvantaged by commencing your studies online. AIM has successfully transitioned all programs and units to online mode and  this will continue into next study period.






  1. Your passion will come first. We focus on your passion for music first and foremost, and everything else flows from there.

  2. You’ll have space to explore. Enjoy a welcoming, down-to-earth creative space to explore, have fun and get fired up about your music. (Come with an open mind! You don’t have to be decided on your musical career or advanced in your craft). You’ll have access to state-of-the-art facilities, including recording studios, production suites and performance spaces.

  3. You’ll enjoy a collaborative, industry-like environment. Collaborating with students from a variety of musical backgrounds and specialties will give you a better educational experience, better musical outcomes and better preparation for what it’s like to work in the music and entertainment industry. It’s also a great way to meet up-and-coming artists and make new friends.
  4. Your teachers will be the real deal. You’ll be taught by incredibly talented professionals with national and international experience, who are still active contributors in their industries. They know personally what you need to succeed and have strong professional, teaching and industry connections. Our teachers deliver master classes around the globe. (Our staff are often sessional, spending the rest of their time working in their fields).
  5. You’ll be ready for tomorrow’s industry. You’ll receive an industry-relevant education that addresses the latest trends, techniques and tools in music and entertainment. And you can start building networks and contacts from day one. Our industry connections also offer some amazing work experience opportunities for students.
  6. You’ll discover a whole new side to music. We nurture genuine musical diversity to enhance everyone’s experience. That means the right combination of creative programs and creative people. And it means blending multiple opportunities to practice, collaborate and perform with a solid theoretical grounding.
  7. You’ll benefit from our experience. Established in 1968 by top musician, Dr Peter Calvo, AIM is now Australia’s biggest music and performing arts institution. We operate across two national campuses, offering a more diverse range of fully accredited music courses than anywhere else in Australia.
  8. You’ll love how convenient it is to get here. Our two cutting-edge campuses are in the heart of Sydney and Melbourne, with excellent access to public transport. Whether you choose to reside in the inner city or the outer suburbs, getting to campus will be an easy journey.
  9. You’ll be supported to succeed. AIM provides extensive student support, beyond purely academic inputs, to help you reach your potential and build the confidence and resilience you’ll need to succeed. This includes English Language Support Sessions for international students.
  10. You’ll be happy that we’re not-for-profit. Why? Because it means we put all profits back into improving our students’ experience, and staying nimble so we can respond to shifting industry demands.
  11. You’ll discover a new country, and learn more about yourself. Australia isn’t just beautiful. It’s also vibrant, entertaining, clean, culturally diverse, famous for excellence in education and has a thriving music and performing arts scene. AIM welcomes students from every corner of the globe and supports them every step of the way. Our diverse, multi-disciplinary student body is something we’re very proud of, and we can’t wait to welcome you to the AIM community.


At AIM you'll have unlimited opportunities to unleash your creativity:

  • Form a band or ensemble with friends and perform together

  • Network with like-minded creatives and work with recording artists, audio engineers, music producers and artistic managers of the future

  • Learn from and network with teaching staff who are active industry experts


While you’re discovering your musical strengths and sound, you’ll also learn skills that will enable you to realistically compete in an ever-evolving music industry.

So at the end of your AIM journey you will graduate with the knowledge and confidence to launch a sustainable career and be empowered to chase your dream.

We’d love to support you. The only question is...