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AWARD: Bachelor of Performance:

Take center stage: Act, direct, design, write and produce


Your Bachelor of Performance will speak volumes:

  • Create, produce and perform your own work for public audiences
  • Explore all aspects of live performance-making, from writing, acting, designing and directing to marketing, production and stage management
  • Experience an industry placement with one of Sydney’s leading performing arts companies, which often leads to future employment
  • Learn trade secrets from exclusive industry guests with weekly networking opportunities
  • Direct and perform scenes from plays across the world stage with regular repertoire master classes
  • Undertake key creative and production roles – backstage and onstage – in twice-yearly public performance seasons where you can put your skills to the test
  • Learn best practice processes and methods from high-calibre dramatic arts professionals in a supportive and creative environment


  1. Major studies: Specialised training to perfect your technique
  2. Contextual studies: Shaping stories for stage & screen
  3. Associated studies: Supporting the actor as creator, director, producer, manager and marketer
  4. Electives: Space to explore more, including Digital Film Making, Design, Lighting and Sound, Stage Construction, Singing & Dance

You’ll be matched with one of Sydney’s leading performing arts companies to experience the creative workplace first-hand. For many of AIM’s Bachelor of Performance students, their professional placement leads to future employment. Our placement partners include:

  • Australian Theatre for Young People
  • Channel 10
  • Darlinghurst Theatre Company
  • Fountainhead Casting
  • Playwriting Australia
  • SBS
  • Sydney Theatre Company

Entrance is by portfolio submission with the option of a followup interview or audition. Bachelor of Performance applicants are required to:

  • Submit a portfolio containing performance recordings of TWO contrasting monologues.
  • Provide a resume/portfolio that covers all previous drama production and stagecraft experience.
  • If required to attend an interview / audition you will be advised following assessment of your portfolio. 

The portfolio submission process and any subsequent audition /interview is an opportunity to demonstrate your potential for success in this unique theatre performance degree.


What do you need to prepare?

  • Choose a monologue that can best reflect your performance strengths. Avoid monologues from TV programs or films.
  • Select a piece that is appropriate to your age and sex and that showcases your abilities.
  • Monologues should be no longer than two minutes. 
  • It is advisable to read the whole play or work from which the monologue you have chosen to submit. This will help you understand the character and their situation.
  • As you rehearse your monologue consider who you are talking to and what you want from them. Use your imagination to envisage the world you are attempting to create.
  • Use your own accent. Don’t feel pressured to perfect another accent.


Audition Tips

If required to attend an audition, the process will begin with a group warm up, followed by an individual presentation of your monologue and a short interview. After the initial presentation we may rework your monologue and/or discuss some of your decisions. This is not a test! We are simply interested in your ideas and your potential to be flexible. The interview will be an opportunity for you to ask any questions you have about the course and for us to have a discussion about your expectations.

We understand that auditioning can make you nervous. Prepare to the best of your ability and then try to relax. We want to see your potential and for you to enjoy the experience.

We recommend that all applicants should be 18 or over by the 31st December of the first year of your enrolment. We also recommend that you have a Band 4 in Advanced English or a Band 5 in Standard English. However, in the case of an exceptional audition, these requirements may be waived.

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