Your Bachelor of Music (Arts Management) will speak volumes:


  • Learn how to build a creative business: management, promotion, marketing and communications, entertainment law, economics and finance
  • Grow your industry networks and graduate with real-world experience as part of your industry internship
  • Collaborate and perform with artists in other AIM courses to feed your creativity and better understand the artists side of the business
  • Tap into a wide range of genres, styles and sounds and diversify your knowledge of music theory, history and culture
  • Graduate ready to work in the arts, music and entertainment industry, not-for-profit sector, small business and international marketplace
  • Be taught and mentored by high-calibre industry professionals in a supportive, creative environment. Learn from teachers who are actively shaping the entertainment industry and can show you the best and latest practices across a diverse and evolving arts landscape


Download the 2021 Prospectus for course structure and subject details.


Our subject streams in Arts Management combine music business education with performance studies:

1. Arts & entertainment management: A thorough grounding for a broad range of managerial roles across the arts, music and entertainment industries.


2. Associated studies & electives: Develop your ability to critique and contextualise a variety of genres; cultivate your performance skills and collaborate with up-and-coming artists as part of an ensemble; sharpen your understanding of entertainment law, contracts and negotiations; explore more by choosing electives from other music study streams or focusing on specific areas of entertainment management.

Graduate with entertainment contacts and proven experience – our internship opportunities can set you up for a successful career


In this gig, who you know is just as important as what you know. The final year of your degree includes an industry internship, which often leads to offers of employment. Your internship in the Bachelor of Music (Arts Management) will help you to:


  • Develop and expand your industry network
  • Put your professional skills into practice
  • Gain unique insights into the dynamics of the arts environment, including managerial and organisational issues
  • Grow in confidence and make an immediate impact in a real industry workplace
  • Establish a CV with industry references
  • Get your foot in the door for paid employment that matches your passion


Our industry internship partners include:


  • Universal Music
  • Warner Music Australia
  • Sony Music
  • Secret Sounds
  • TMRW Music (formerly known as Ministry of Sound)
  • Architects of Entertainment
  • Elefant Traks
  • Sony ATV
  • Oxford Art Factory
  • Source Music
Our electives will enhance your degree, feed your creativity and add to your learning experience

Shape your experience at AIM by choosing electives from any of AIM’s other Bachelor of Music study streams: contemporary, composition & music production, musical theatre, audio and classical. Or you can hone in on specific areas of arts management, including:

  • Tour Management
  • Artist & Repertoire Management
  • Musical Journalism
  • Stage & Production Management
  • Visual Media & Design Skills
  • Making Money in the Entertainment Industry


Audition/Portfolio Requirements

Applicants are required to provide a portfolio of two musical items. This may include any of the following forms of evidence:

  • A live performance (to be performed during the interview)
  • A recorded visual or audio performance
  • A recorded original composition
  • A PDF score of an original composition or arrangement
  • A handwritten score of an original composition or arrangement
  • An audio mix of a musical work


Applicants may choose to provide a combination of evidence e.g. a live performance of an existing work and a recording of an original track.

Applicants may be required to attend an interview.

For all other admissions criteria, please refer to the Admissions Criteria policy available here:

Domestic Students

How to Apply

Admissions Criteria


International Students

How to Apply

Admissions Criteria

Graduates of the Bachelor of Music (Arts Management) should be able to:
  1. Demonstrate a broad knowledge of arts and entertainment management theory and practice with depth in their chosen field, and an applied understanding of theoretical principles in contemporary music. 
  2. Critically review, analyse, consolidate and synthesise management theory and practice in their chosen arts and entertainment field. 
  3. Demonstrate technical proficiency in their chosen arts and entertainment field. 
  4. Apply critical thinking and creativity and informed judgement to a range of arts and entertainment scenarios.
  5. Communicate clearly, effectively and appropriately as an arts and entertainment business professional in a diverse range of contexts, circumstances and media. 
  6. Demonstrate initiative and judgement in arts and entertainment management theory and practice. 
  7. Demonstrate initiative and judgement in planning, problem solving and decision making in arts and entertainment management theory and practice. 
  8. Adapt arts and entertainment management knowledge and skills to a diverse range of professional contexts. 
  9. Demonstrate responsibility and accountability in the application of arts and entertainment management knowledge and skills for professional practice, through ongoing professional development and when working in collaborations with others.