Your passion for music
speaks volumes.

Make Years 11 and 12 the time you really amplify your potential.

If you’re a high school student who is serious about a career in performing arts, head straight to our music school in Sydney. At AIM’s Senior Secondary College (SSC), you can pursue your passion: choose creative arts subjects combined with intensive music study as you complete your Higher School Certificate (HSC).  A subject guide summary can be found here.

You’ll graduate with your HSC and be eligible for early acceptance into one of AIM’s tertiary degrees. Plus, you’ll be eligible to study at other universities in Australia and beyond.

You can download our SSC Annual Report for 2017 for a better understanding of our academic year and approach.

**AIM is no longer accepting applications for admissions for the AIM Senior Secondary College

Your HSC will include a strong, music-focused curriculum

Studying at AIM means you’ll cover all the required academic subjects to complete your HSC, while taking your creative music practice next level. Your teachers will be the real deal – some of the most accomplished professionals in the music and performing arts industry. They are subject experts, whose teaching qualifications are fully recognised by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA). Tap into their academic knowledge and professional music experience and grow as a person and a performer during your HSC.

You’ll have space to explore

Our Year 11 and 12 students enjoy their own exclusive classrooms, dance/drama space and digital media labs stocked with Macs (of course!). You’ll also have free access to AIM’s recording studios, individual and band rehearsal rooms, dance studio and music library. There’s serious space to create and collaborate with like-minded peers.

You’ll get exclusive industry experience

Think creative workshops and master classes delivered by industry experts, covering the technical, financial and business sides of the industry. From instrument and ensemble workshops to contracts and royalties, studying at the SSC will give you a head start in your music career. As an added bonus, you’ll have access to all of AIM’s short courses at no extra cost.   

You won’t go it alone

We believe in you! To help you realise your full potential, we provide a safe, caring and supportive set-up. You’ll thrive in the independence that our unique learning environment offers. At the same time, our small class sizes (20 students max) will give you one-to-one time with your teachers and a more personal learning experience. We’ll monitor your personal and social wellbeing as well as your academic progress, to help you stay on track and achieve your goals. 

5 extra benefits only AIM can offer

To help you finish school on an academic and creative high:


  1. Free access to all of AIM’s short courses

  2. Accelerated pathway into one of AIM’s tertiary degrees

  3. Collaboration with other artists

  4. Personal and ongoing support to succeed

  5. Creative workshops and industry master classes twice a week

Entry Requirements and Accreditation

**AIM is no longer accepting applications for admissions for the AIM Senior Secondary College

Accreditation – you’re in safe and secure hands

AIM has been a leader in music education for 50 years. Our Senior Secondary College is fully accredited by the NSW Education Standard Authority (NESA no: 20030) to deliver the NSW HSC.


Are you an International Student?

You’re welcome to join us at AIM Senior Secondary 

Our Head of School or Principal will decide if you’re a suitable candidate in relation to your English comprehension. Here are some of the methods we use to determine this:

1. Evidence that you have conducted Secondary studies in English for a minimum of 2 years and/or,

2. An IELTS (International English Language Testing Systems) score of 5.5 or higher and/or

3. Satisfactory results in another approved English language test, such as AEAS and TOEFL, and/or

4. Successful completion of an approved English Preparation for High School course at a NSW government school Intensive English Centre, TAFE NSW English Language Centre or selected private college

5. A Skype interview, conducted in English, with the Head of School or Principal must always be held prior to approval

6. The Principal must also review the current school report of the student to ascertain the level of English proficiency

If you didn’t meet the initial English language requirement to gain direct entry into one of our programs, don’t worry. You can improve your English language skills to the required level by enrolling in an intensive English Pathways Program. We can suggest providers for this, so get in touch and we’ll help you with the next steps.

Key Dates


Term 1        Tuesday 29th January - Staff Development Day                 Wednesday 30th January - Friday 12th April

Term 2        Monday 29th April - Staff Development Day                         Tuesday 30th April - Friday  5th  July


Term 3        Monday 22nd July- Friday 27th September​​​​​​​         

Term 4        TBC NESA Timetable.​​​​​​​


Year 11 & HSC (Year 12) Dates 2018 

The 2018 Year 11 course commences on 29th January
and concludes on the 22nd October 2018 (Week 2 Term 4)

The 2019 HSC course commences on the 23rd October 2018.  

Meet your AIM SSC Principal

Natalia Belovukovic

Natalia is a passionate educator who has over ten years experience working with innovative senior high school systems. She graduated from the University of NSW with a BA Dance/B Education (Hons) and began working in a range of schools across Sydney as a teacher and choreographer in the public, private and independent sectors.
Natalia comes from a strong performing arts background and has worked as a professional dancer with a range of high profile national and international companies and directors. As Head of School, Natalia is excited to work with such a dedicated team of musicians, creative artists and educators, and to foster and develop the talented students at AIM SSC through their final years of secondary study.

Natalia Belovukovic




Our Pastoral Care
Our SSC Pastoral Care is integrated throughout the entire structural organisation to effectively meet the personal, social (wellbeing) and academic needs of students and staff. We monitor students’ overall progress, and offer unique Buddy Programs and Student Leadership Programs.


Accommodation & Welfare 
AIM SSC is a non-residential campus based in Sydney, however AIM can recommend students to Homestay providers. We require international students under 18 years of age to have a guardian for the duration of their studies. The guardian will be required to meet with the Principal prior to school commencing. Once approved, the school will monitor and care for the student’s welfare arrangements.


Providing Supported Pathways
The two-year HSC program at AIM SSC effectively nurtures students to reach their goals across a plethora of subjects, where students learn the skills to become a practicing artist and industry professional. As well as achieving HSCs in academic fields of interest, AIM’s Senior Secondary College also provides a supported pathway for higher education within their chosen creative field. A unique advantage is that AIM SSC’s Pathway Program exempts students from auditions for The Australian Institute of Music’s Undergraduate Degrees, alleviating the stress of the unknown and preparing students for tertiary education.

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