Go further, deeper, broader in your creative practice and career

Whether you want to focus on developing as an artist, or you want to explore opportunities in music management or production, you’ll discover that the principles of creativity inherent in all our postgraduate courses will help you to achieve success in your chosen path. 

Postgraduate Studies
in Music

Explore the cyclical relationships between ideas, theory and your own creative practice. How? Through practice-led research and research-led practice. The crescendo is a major recital, folio and/or recording, and formal research project tailored to your goals. Become a recognised thought leader in your chosen musical field, and open the door to an academic career and professional teaching opportunities.

Available Awards:

Graduate Certificate of Music: Certificate 1 semester / 20 Credit Points

Graduate Diploma of Music: 2 semesters / 40 credit points 

Master of Music: 4 semesters / 2 years full-time 4 years part-time / 80 credit points  


Intakes:   January & July


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Postgraduate Studies in
Arts and Entertainment Management

Available Awards:

Graduate Certificate in Arts & Entertainment Management: 2 trimesters full-time / 24 credit points

Graduate Diploma of Arts & Entertainment Management: 4 trimesters full-time / 48 credit points

Master of Arts and Entertainment Management: 6 study periods - 2 years full-time / 72 credit points


Intakes: January, May & September