I grew up listening to the tunes of Alicia Keys, P!nk and Christina Aguilera but had always appreciated artists from before my time. 


Earth, Wind and Fire, Aerosmith, Janis Joplin, Jeff Buckley were a few of my favorites, however, it was Sarah McLachlan’s music that really inspired me to write.
At the age 17 I won a national singing competition in Malaysia, called the "Malaysian Topstar”. Following on from this I released an EP, which really started to open more doors for me as my songs started to be played on radio and television stations nationwide. I was nominated for a few awards, most notably the Anugerah Industri Muzik for which I received four nominations, and this was a huge personal milestone as I was still fresh in the Malaysian music industry. Off the back of this nomination my music was aired on both MTV Asia and MTV Roots India. From here, things really started to build and gain traction with my single "Eyo Eyo" getting airplay in countries like Indonesia, Brunei, Germany and even the United States of America as well as being featured on an independent movie titled "A Novel Romance” starring Steve Guttenberg (Police Academy). Around the same time, I received a nomination at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards for ‘Best Pop Song’. Being an independent singer/songwriter from a small town in Malaysia, this was a huge moment in my career.
The best part of this journey was the opportunity to perform. I sang on big stages, as well as small intimate ones. I travelled to Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Germany and the United States performing my music at festivals, conferences and large music venues. To date the biggest stage I have performed on was the Arthurs Day Concert, opening for Taio Cruz. The crowd was massive and the energy was remarkable. All these wonderful experiences helped me grow as a musician, performer and person.
Although I love performing and writing my own music, I always had this goal to write music for video games and animation. I am a huge fan of Studio Ghibli and as such, I fell in love with Joe Hisaishi pieces. To be able to write music as emotional and moving as he does has always been a dream of mine. My father knew of this and coaxed me to attend AIM's short courses. Upon completion of these short courses, I knew that AIM was the place for me.
Currently my focus is on building strong relationships with other talented and likeminded people to create opportunities in the entertainment industry, which was another great reason for coming to study at AIM. I know that having strong networks and connections with my peers and teachers will equip me for the industry and help me realize my dream of composing music for animations and games that I can be truly proud of.