Have you been thinking about setting up your own DIY recording studio?

In this course, students will learn basics of home studio design, tools and operation.  By the end of the course, they will have recorded either their own original work or a work by their peers.

On completion those students wishing to undertake further studies in this field may have the opportunity to receive a conditional offer into our popular Bachelor of Music  (Composition and Music Production), or Bachelor of Music (Audio) undergraduate degree programs.*

Location: AIM Sydney and Melbourne campuses

Dates: Music Production - The Home Studio is offered in Study Period 2, 2019 – running for 10 weeks from Monday, May 27th 2019 at both AIM Melbourne and Sydney campuses.

Cost: $600

*Please note:  Eligibility for early or conditional entry into AIM Degree Programs will often involve achievement of additional criteria other than the successful completion of our AIM Short Courses. These additional criteria will depend upon the particular degree program eligibility requirements.  Entry into any AIM Bachelor Degree program is always at the AIM Head of School’s discretion.  For further information about AIM Degree program eligibility in relation to our Short Courses visit:  aim.edu.au;  email enquiries@aim.edu.au or speak directly with our AIM Short Course Coordinator on 02 92195444.  

AIM 2019 Short Course: Music Production - The Home Studio

WhenRunning for 10 weeks from Monday, May 27th 2019
WhereAIM Melbourne & Sydney