Birdee Sideris

Written by Bachelor of Ent. Management Student, Claudia Oprya 

The Australian Institute of Music is bursting at the seams with talent and I recently had the opportunity to speak with the electric, Birdee Sideris who is about to release her debut single Like That on all platforms. 


Tell us about your release and what your new music is about and where we can find it!

My very first release is a fresh single that is yet to be heard by all. 

With short and sweet vocals and catchy  lyrics, it’s about two intimate people with mixed thoughts, lust feelings and a sense of longing for one another. 

The production of the song was created, mixed and mastered by the amazing producer, Heimanu who is also based in Sydney. He creates an atmospheric vibe that takes you into another world of modern electronic pop.

Click here to listen to Like That and head to Instagram to stay up to date with future releases - @birdeeofficial  



In what ways has being a student at AIM assisted you in creating your art?

 Being a student at AIM has definitely opened my eyes to a place where I can collaborate and receive pointers and suggestions from like minded people. You could never ask for more creative and supportive beings as there’s so many that are willing to understand, appreciate and discuss about your art.


What is something that inspires you most as an artist?

What inspires me the most as an artist is that I can be real and vulnerable through my music and share it with others to connect.



How have you balanced your studies and your music?

A lot of time management and to do lists.. I like to pre plan for weeks ahead so I can be on top of collaboration meetings, assessment works and studying hours but it can get hard and frustrating at times


Where do you see yourself 10 years from now as an artist?

My plan is to either tour around the world, play at festivals and make music as my full time career or live in Japan and become an english teacher while doing music as a side hobby.