Written by Arts & Entertainment Management, Postgraduate Studies
Mentor and Lecturer, David Rogerson 


When it comes to engaging industry guests to our Master's students the first two weeks at AIM has seen a stellar line up on interesting and informative guests. 

Our Strategic Business and Leadership students shared the knowledge of Graham Mott, most recently the General Manager of Fairfax Media's Radio group. During his time with them, Graham passed on to students his wisdom that " for me Motivation, Vision and Communication are the key attributes of a strong leader".   

Graham Mott retires. Respect.

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In week 2, Briony Hunt, the Marketing and Planning Manager for Business Chicks revealed her insights into female leadership and the challenges of graduating with a degree while navigating your way through the roles and responsibilities within small and large companies: "Getting into the business world can be a little scary at first. No one is there to guide you. Uni is over. Your degree is what you hold onto for comfort.  Look for internship opportunities. You may be doing the mail, packing promotional material, working with the accounts teams but keep in mind this is all great grounding for building your future leadership skills. You get to experience first hand  how others motivate and lead people." 

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Briony Hunt - Photo Source: LinkedIn


With more specialist industry guests lined up over the next 12 weeks, including one of Australia's top media and entertainment lawyers, students will have an opportunity to ask questions and receive up to date information from those already succeeding in the industry.


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