AIM Lecturer Mitch Catterall Wins prestigious Adolphe Spivakovsky Scholarship


The Australian Institute of Music is proud to congratulate Program Leader Mitch Catterall on winning the prestigious Adolph Spivakovsky Scholarship for Composition of Music from the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music.


Based in Melbourne and mid-way through his PhD, Mitch is no stranger to creating his own music with him being a part of various other collaborative projects ranging from experimental hip-hop group to composing for films as well as his own solo-project, Bribery.


The Adolph Spivakovsky Scholarship for Composition of Music is a yearly competition in which composers are invited to write a commercially accessible style of song for voice and two/three electronic instruments. This also includes submitting a score and recording purpose composed for the scholarship.


The winning piece is titled “Waster”, and explores themes of destructive nightlife culture, desperate social standards, vanity, and materialism. The piece fits loosely into the Downtempo House genre, and features heavily processed vocals, complex sound design, and extensive layering techniques that have been discussed throughout the Composition and Music Production degree.


The piece will also be performed by a Conservatorium ensemble in April 2019 and as Mitch is still a student within the Conservatorium, he may be asked to take part.


“Waster” is slated for official release in early 2019 under the Mitch’s ‘Bribery’ solo project.




Interested in creating your own music? Why not enquire about our Composition and Music Production course in 2019 which you can find here.