Justice For The Damned set to drop second album, 12th June 2020

Written by Bach. Entertainment Management Student,
Claudia Oprya


Justice For The Damned are about to drop their highly anticipated second album ‘Pain is Power’ this Friday the 12th of June. 
I had the pleasure of talking to the band’s frontman, Bobak Rafiee, about touring, COVID-19 and advice for young artists! 

Whether you are a die hard fan of the band or you're only finding out about them in this post, Bobak had some words of wisdom for us all! 

The band has travelled Europe, America and countless Aussie tours, what band has been the most fun to tour with and why?

I think my favourite bands that we’ve toured with have to be Honest Crooks, Thy Art Is Murder & Knocked Loose. The last European tour we did with KL had to have been my favourite overseas tour to date, the ENTIRE package was on the same level & it was amazing. 

What was the best piece of advice you received when you started performing and what advice would you pass along to those new to the industry? 

I can’t recall 1 singular piece of advice that stands out above the rest if I’m honest. However I will say the advice I would pass on is - Stay in your lane, don’t focus on anyone else & realise that high tides raise all ships. It’s easy to get caught up in the politics of being in a band & striving to be the ‘best’.

Just put your head down, be the best you can & everything will figure itself out. Work hard. Also people need to remember - it’s what you do with what you have, it’s not about what you don’t have.

Your new album, 'Pain is Power' is being released on Friday, how has COVID-19 affected the release and how has the band been doing during this time? 

The band has been good if we’re speaking intellectually/internally. The business side has obviously struck a massive blow, which is the same for almost ever other band/business, so I’m definitely not complaining. 

COVID-19s biggest strike is the cancelation of touring, we can’t be touring to support the record. Thats the only downfall. 

'Pain is Power' already has so much anticipation around it, what do you hope the fans take away from the album? 

I hope this album actually means something to someone, I’m more focused on this recording being ‘timeless’ vs exploding being blown away with the wind. 

Lyrically & thematically the album speaks about the pain & betrayal of our own species. It reflects on a personal level and politically. 

The album is a reminder that no matter how much faith you may put in a person, they will always put you down to bring themselves up.

THE MOST IMPORTANT thing to take away from that is how you manifest that pain & develop it into who you are today. 

You guys tour like crazy, how excited are you to tour this new album once COVID-19 is a thing of the past?

I honestly want to tour for 12 months straight, I don’t want to be home when touring starts. 

Being a performing artist looks like the funnest job in the world to an outsider. What is the biggest challenge being a musician? 

The biggest ‘challenge’ is probably taking care of yourself, physically and mentally. 

Another unspoken challenge is understanding that musicianship is teamwork, the health and mental game of your team is very important. Whether you’re a artist, band or Soundcloud superstar - the circle that you work in needs to be healthy so the seeds can grow. 


Justice For The Damned’s album ‘Pain is Power’ is available on all platforms June 12th.