How to make the most of your open day experience


First of all if you haven't already, register here to attend either our Sydney or Melbourne Open Days - spaces are limited so get in quick. 


If you’re considering a career in the music and performing arts industries but aren’t sure where to start then look no further than our annual Open Day.


Whether you plan to study in Sydney or Melbourne, we’re so excited to personally welcome you to AIM and give you the opportunity to see for yourself what makes the whole AIM community so special.


With that in mind, here’s 5 tips on getting the most out of your Open Day experience.



#1 - Ask questions. A lot of them.


Making the choice to start your tertiary studies is a big decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly. That’s why you need to be as informed as possible and which is why you need to ask as many questions as you can. It would even help before the day to sit down a list out all the questions that you can think of so that on the day you can tick them off one by one and won’t miss anything.


On the day, you’ll be able to have some one-on-one time with lecturers representing each department who will be on hand to answer any questions you might have, as well as to give you some background on the course you’re interested in. This is an amazing opportunity to speak with the very people who might end up being your teacher so we highly recommend it.


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#2 - Participate


As the old saying goes ‘the more you put in, the more you’ll get out’ which is why it’s so important to simply dive in. On the day there will be a heap of short workshops, seminars and even an industry panel featuring successful AIM alumni who are currently making waves in the industry so we would encourage you to attend as many activities as you can.


When you first arrive on campus you’ll be presented with a neat schedule of all the day’s activities which have been colour coded for each department – that means getting around and finding all of the activities that are related to the course you want to study is super east and straightforward.


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#3 - Meet Your Future Mentors


At AIM, all of our academic faculty are seasoned industry professionals with many still actively involved in the industry. That means that these people will be not just your best source of information about the course you plan to study, but about the industry itself.


You’ll also quickly find that as well as being your teachers in the classroom, your tutors will also be your mentors outside of it. It’s also not uncommon for teachers and alumni to continue their relationship and some have even gone on to form bands together!


Simply put, the learning doesn’t stop once you leave the classroom.


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#4 - Talk to current students


Want to get a feel for what AIM is really like? Look no further than our current students who will be able to fill you in with everything you could possibly want to know and more. On the day they’ll be giving tours, performing, and generally helping out so we highly encourage you to talk to one of them – they’ll be more than happy to help!


Just look out for the AIM shirts!



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#5 - Immerse yourself in the campus


The AIM campuses aren’t your average campuses. Music and the performing arts are all about collaboration which is why (as you’ll see) a great many of our ensemble rooms and classrooms are stocked to the brim with instruments and top-of-the-line audio systems – you’ll find everything you could possibly need to push your creative boundaries. If music theatre or dramatic arts is what you’re interested in then check out all of our theatres and dance studios or if it’s audio you’re considering then definitely have a good look at all of our recording and mixing/mastering suites.



For more information on our 2019 Open Days and to register, check out this page.