Falls Festival Announces they will continue on with plans for the favourite End-of-year festival “with optimism”


While the cloud over live music has set in over these initial months of 2020, the end of the year could be the ray of sunshine that clears this uncertain fog.


Falls Festival, the iconic New Year’s Festival held in Australia, announced they will continue on with plans for the popular end of year festival despite the current novel coronavirus climate.


With small and large gatherings currently banned nationwide at the time of writing this, the announcement to continue on comes as reports appear to show that Australia may have successfully flattened the curve and life may return to normal sooner than expected.


This is reflected in a statement provided by Fall’s promoters, Jess Ducrou and Paul Piticco (Secret Sounds):


"As Australia heads towards the recovery phase of COVID-19 we have decided to move forward with optimism, and work towards presenting our Dec 2020 / Jan 2021 event in a way that will best bolster Australia’s live music industry."


With COVID-19 hitting our billion dollar a year industry hard this year, Aussie music will certainly benefit from the festivals go-ahead and organises have advised that we can expect an all Australian line-up:


"We have some of the most exciting acts in the world and this special 'home grown' edition of Falls will ensure that money stays in our local economy, providing maximum financial benefit for the Australian music community – artists, management, crew, agents, roadies, production etc - as well as the thousands of contractors and suppliers who rely on our events for their income."





Like many, our hopes that music festivals will proceed in 2020 are incredibly high, but others in the industry are more reserved. During an interview on news podcast, The Briefing, Australian concert promoter, Michael Chugg, noted:


“(organisers are) taking a punt…I think festivals can happen without an antidote (but) there’s going to be a lot of differences. There’s going to be a lot of barriers put in place like how close you can be to each other, there’s going to be limited capacities (and) there’s going to be very careful health checks. That’s gotta happen! They’re not just going to let this go away because, you know, there have been a couple of incidences (overseas) where they have opened up areas and the all of a sudden, they’ve got huge pockets of coronavirus again”.


At this point, even if some changes are implemented (and this would seem highly likely), live music events are still in the dark. All the we can do is plan for, and hope for, the best. Until then, audiences will continue to watch live streams and are equally encouraged to join this optimism and purchase tickets to foreseeable live events once released. And if the current situation remains, and large gatherings continue to be banned throughout the remainder of the year, then so be it. Just imagine how incredible the show will be when we can all hit that grass again and gather outside.