The Australian Institute of Music is very excited to announce a whole raft of new upgrades coming to our Sydney Campus in 2019!


From the outset of the design process we have worked to put the student at the core; from creating spaces that encourage meaningful collaboration, innovation and creativity among students to other areas that promote spaces for quiet reflection and focus on academic study.

Our goal with these renovations, and in particular with the new area surrounding the John Painter Hall is to create a new campus ‘heart’, a space that every member of the AIM community feels a sense of belonging to and one that fuels your creative inspiration.


You can find a concept video of what this area will look like below. 




Some of the key features of the new renovations in Stage One (to be completed over the January/February period);



Building A, Level 5


  • Will be renovated and soundproofed to give rise to a new dance space, two new movement areas and a graduate chill-out zone. In addition, the two theatres will be re-soundproofed to ensure separation from each other and new theatre seating will be installed in both.



Building B, Level 3


  • All existing rooms will be demolished apart from JPH and the Space. The area will be turned into a new open and collaborative space with natural lighting, including a new café and performance area.


Street View.png



Building A, Level 1


  • The composition production suites will be integrated with Audio on Level 1, turning four studios into a combined Audio/Production space. The offices will be demolished and be replaced by two brand new production suites.


Collaborative Area.png


In terms of access, the completion will be staggered across the end of January with the final handover in February 2019. This means we should have access to Building A, Level 5 before the start of SP1 as well as access to the Audio and Production suites on Level 1.


The other areas we will have staggered access as they are completed.


While we will be releasing more details in the next few weeks as well as giving regular progress updates, we will be working closely with campus management to ensure the construction process runs smoothly with as limited disruption to everyday activities as possible. 


Proposed Construction Dates:


Stage 1: 10th Dec – 16th Feb

Stage 2: April (more detail to come)


Check back here for regular updates!


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Hi all, 


As you are about to start your classes next week some of you will have noticed that we have a temporary timetable in place for the first three weeks to finalise some of the fantastic renovations that have occurred over the Christmas break.


Firstly, I would like to apologise for any inconvenience due to this temporary timetable but I am sure you will appreciate the new spaces that will be open to you towards the end of February.


These include; two updated theatres on Level 5 with luxury seating and full soundproofing, a new 90+ square metre dance studio and an additional practice dance studio on Level 5. Level 5 will also have a new breakout space, lecture rooms and study rooms for small groups.


On Level 1, we are pleased to announce that we have combined audio and composition studios and have updated four of the existing production rooms so that students have more access to equipment in a multifunctional space. We are currently building two new production suites which will be finished towards the end of February.


Access to the area around the JPH and The Space will be made available at the same time. While using the JPH and The Space you will witness a complete reworking of the space outside those two venues that will be completed in April and will give students the biggest independent study space that AIM students have ever had. Some of the support services for students have moved spots so please pay attention to the information packs and announcements on your return.


I will continue to give you updates on a fortnightly basis on the progress of the total modernisation of the campus.




Professor Guy Bentley

Dear Students and Staff,


Welcome back to the Sydney Campus.


Firstly, I would like to thank you for working with us whilst we are finalising the most important facility update to AIM in 50 years. I am pleased to advise you that at the recent building review meeting that the Level 5 floor is in the final stages of completion. Both theatres are now soundproofed and new carpet is being laid for the installation of the theatre chairs over the next week. The two theatres are due to be handed back on Week Three and will be ready to be utilised shortly after. The rest of Level 5 will follow straight after this. The dance floors will be laid in the next two weeks and the air-conditioning installed and commissioned as well. This will give us a floor with a new student chill-out space in addition to great theatre facilities.


The Level 3 build outside of the JPH is progressing on-time for delivery at the end of April or before. This will give AIM the biggest student study space in AIM’s history with space for 150 students to study independently. This will also include the opening of the new library.


The JPH and The Space will also be able to be utilised later in February for performances only, with access limited to the internal spaces of both areas as the other building work surrounding them is further developed. The full fit-out will be finished over the study break between SP1 and SP2 and this will also include the ability to record in real-time live performances from the JPH to all of our studios down on Level 1.


Again, I would like to thank both students, the operations team and other staff members who continue to support this great initiative.


Thank you all for your patience.

I will continue to keep you all updated on a fortnightly basis.




Professor Guy Bentley

Dear Students and Staff, 

Congratulations to our students on completing your SP1 examinations and I hope you are all enjoying your study period break.

Once again, I would like to thank you all for your patience and understanding with all of the on-going renovations that have been taking place - we are almost on the home-stretch and as you will have been seeing, some areas (for example Building A, Level 5) have been completed and we have been receiving some great feedback from you. Over the break, construction is still on-going in order to minimise the disruption to your classes as much as possible. 

Some updates on the progress of the renovations that I can share;

Building A:

Level 3 - Our new Academic Hub as well as classrooms are due to be completed and handed over by the 14th of May.

Level 4 - Has begun to also be demolished with new areas and classrooms to be built. 

Building B:

Level 3 - The JPH and The Space have been completed and have started to be utilised however the surrounding areas (cafe, library and green rooms etc) are still under construction. We anticipate this area to be handed back to us at this stage on the 14th of May.

Impromptu Stage with corrugated ceiling (2).jpg

Once again we thank you all for your continued patience - these renovations are one of the biggest undertakings the institute has committed to in 50 years and once they are finished these new areas will enhance both the learning and teaching experience here at AIM.