In life, it’s often good to save the best for last. Make a good impression, but don’t go out with all guns blazing as soon as the party starts.
The complete opposite is true for digital portfolios. Put your best stuff right up front.

Don’t underestimate people’s incredibly short attention spans. At a party, someone might be forced to listen to you for a solid five minutes, in which case they’ll still be standing there to hear the punchline of your awesome joke.
Online that’s not the case. No-one hangs around to be courteous. Time is measured in seconds, not minutes. If you haven’t wowed an employer within the first few seconds upon viewing your work, CLICK – they’ll have moved onto one of the other bazillion portfolios begging to be viewed.

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So, calm those nerves and make sure your work receives all the attention it deserves, by reading these 5 top tips:
1.       Put your best stuff up front.
We already explained this in the intro. (Did you skip it? See, people have short attention spans!) Also, make sure the images are top quality.

2.       Organise your work by theme, not chronological order.
Think about your audience. Who are you hoping to impress? Which themes will appeal to those potential employers?

3.       Include thoughtful captions for each piece.
Don’t just state the obvious – describe in detail your thought process behind each piece, so that the potential employer will be able to gauge your creative intelligence.

4.       Make the homepage clean and simple.
Include the basics – your name, speciality, skills. If viewers are interested in finding out more about you, they should be able to find out more further within your webpage.

5.       If you’ve got them, include testimonials from teachers or other notable figures, as well as links to any articles you’ve featured in.
Remember – this is your time to show off your best work, so go for it!


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