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Equal Access & Disability Support

Beginning your studies at AIM can be a time of great change and for some, uncertainty.

Beginning your studies at AIM can be a time of great change and for some, uncertainty.

If you have a disability, medical or psychological condition or other barriers to study we recommend you speak with a Student Wellbeing Officer to determine whether AIM can provide targeted accommodations to enable your equal access to learning.

Equal Access Plans
An Equal Access Plan (EAP) is a document communicating nonspecific or specific information to teachers, relevant staff and your department regarding your difficulties. An EAP allows us to implement the appropriate supports you may need to assist you through your studies at AIM.

You may choose to disclose the nature of your condition in your EAP but this is a personal choice.

Your EAP is sent to your teachers and department after census date (Week 3) when your subjects have been decided for each trimester.

You can make changes to your EAP at any time throughout the trimester based on what you feel is working for you. Your teachers and departments can also request changes in order to enhance your learning experiences.

Specific accommodations can be made for assessments under your EAP. If you require specific accommodations for examination you can request these on a trimester basis by submitting an Exam adjustment form before Week 3 of each trimester.

How to organise an Equal Access Plan?
If you feel an Equal Access Plan is something you would benefit from while studying at AIM, you will need to register with the Student Wellbeing team. You will only need to register with us once throughout your studies with AIM.

To register for an Equal Access Plan your treatment provider or healthcare professional will need to fill out AIMs Student Wellbeing Registration form. Please also supply any relevant treatment letters, documents, or accommodations you received at school or other places of learning. This information is kept confidentially by the counsellors, and does not become part of your student records. Registering for an Equal Access Plan will not appear on your academic transcript or testamur when you graduate.
Click here for the EAP registration form

If you require specific examination adjustments you will need fill in an additional ‘ EA Adjustment Examination provisions form’. Please contact Student Services in Building A for this.

Once you have filled in the registration form please contact the student wellbeing team via email (studentwellbeing@aim.edu.au) to make an appointment to set up your Equal Access Plan. In this appointment, we will discuss your needs in greater depth and review the information you provide.

The following PDF documents are also available to download: