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Name of Course
Course Location
AIM Sydney & Melbourne
$450 inc GST
6 Weeks
Chloe Harrison (Syd), Tim Watson (Melb)
Songwriting I : Sydney & Melbourne
Wednesdays from 6-8PM, 6th September – 11th October

Want to write your own songs? Learn how to write lyrics, melody and create popular song structures. Develop your own musical style & create your own original material.

Songwriting I & II presents the fundamentals of songwriting from beginner to advanced students. You will also have the opportunity to participate in workshops to develop your own material, with expert feedback.
Topics include:

  • Lyric rhyme and rhythm patterns
  • Common and useful chord progressions
  • Vocal melody writing
  • Brainstorming techniques
  • Popular Song Structures

After completion of Songwriting Foundations you will be able to:
  • Understand songwriting fundamentals
  • Compare lyric techniques of rhyme, rhythm & story
  • Demonstrate the melodic & harmonic techniques of songwriting
  • Identify & describe devices of structure, modulation & common forms
Recognise songwriting techniques through critical listening

Certificate of Completion

Students who complete an AIM short course will also receive a Certificate of Completion.

Delivered by Chloe Harrison (Sydney)

Chloe graduated from AIM in March 2013 with a Bachelor of Music in Composition and Music Production. She has now started her own production company, Tin Shed Music Production, which works alongside Sunfield Records, recording and producing independent artists from Sydney and across NSW. Chloe plays in multiple bands, including folk band Liam Gale and the Ponytails who will be releasing their first album this year which Chloe co-produced and engineered, as well as psych-rock band Aether Beach which features other AIM graduates, and will be releasing an EP of her solo project later this year.

Delivered by Tim Watson (Melbourne)

Recognised as one of the finest singers in Australia today, Tim Watson’s years with Taxiride produced multi-platinum album sales for ‘Imaginate’ & ‘Garage Mahal’ and 7 Top 40 singles including the smash hits “Get Set”, “Everywhere You Go” and “Creepin’ Up Slowly”. Following their success in Australia, Taxiride also completed successful tours of Japan, the US and Europe touring with P!nk, Matchbox 20, Bon Jovi, John Fogerty, Lionel Richie & Tina Turner.

Early career highlights include a Number 1 Album, winning an Aria Award, playing Wembley Stadium twice and appearing on on numerous TV shows including Rove, Hey Hey It’s Saturday, The Panel, The Footy Show and Rockwiz to name a few.
Independently of Taxiride, Tim has written and produced songs for Australian Idol, scored two Australian club hits, provided guitars for No. 1 Club smash ‘I Want You’ by Mark James (J Fernandez Mix), provided songs for Neighbours, written and produced music for clients such as Mazda, Quit Australia & Channel 10 and reviewed movies for Gold 104/WSFM. He also performs an improv comedy weekly show with Melbourne’s Improv Conspiracy and hosts his own radio show on Southern FM. He is also studying acting at 16th Street Actor’s Studio.
Tim left Taxiride in late 2003 but rejoined in 2015 with the original lineup. Tim continues to tour and play live on a weekly basis.