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School Holiday Program

School Holiday Program – Take the Stage!

AIM is offering a 4 day intensive school holiday program where you will be working with music professionals to create your own performance. This program is a creative way to develop your experiences and introduce you to the art of the contemporary music. Whether you are a singer, dancer or actor, there is something here for everyone.
At the end of the program your class will present the production for your family and friends.
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School Holiday Program – DJ Intensive

In this 6 hour DJ Intensive, students will be introduced to the basics of contemporary DJ techniques, equipment and concepts. Taught by internationally renowned DJ Nick Toth, with special guest lecturer Mickey Morhphingaz, this course will demonstrate how to DJ using the multitude of different technologies available. The skills acquired from this course can be applied to any genre of music and no prior training or experience is necessary.
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School Holiday Program – Hip Hop & Rap

From making a beat to writing a rap, students will gain valuable experience and insight into the hip-hop and rap world, and finish the workshop with a recording.
Topics Include:
  • Hip-hop & Rap – overview, origins, definition & analysis
  • Intro to music production – equipment and software
  • Songwriting – music theory, song structure and form
  • Lyric writing – brainstorming, rhyme, rhythm
  • Recording techniques – mic technique & positioning, tracking, editing & mixing.
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School Holiday Program – Songwriting Intensive

This 6 hour songwriting intensive will present the fundamentals of songwriting, including lyric writing, melody writing, harmony, and song structure. Students will have the opportunity to collaborate with their peers and participate in a valuable group songwriting session, with expert feedback.
Students are not required to have any songwriting experience to take this class, but they should have some basic ability to play an accompanying instrument such as piano, guitar or ukulele. 
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School Holiday Program – Vocal Intensive

 The Vocal Intensive is an introductory level course, designed to teach students how to use proper vocal technique. The class will focus on warming up, posture, breath control, vocal health, intonation, harmonising with others, and song choice, while also building confidence and performance technique.
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