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AIM Sydney & Melbourne Campus Upgrades

There has been significant building works happening at AIM, as we transform the campuses into better facilities for a more efficient & accessible student experience.

Here is a brief summary of development so far.

Melbourne Campus

Melbourne Campus - Building Update
In Melbourne, the Australian Institute of Music (AIM) staff and students are lucky enough to inhabit the former Melbourne Wool Exchange.  This beautiful building is heritage listed, and to this end you may have noticed scaffolding which has recently been erected over the King Street-facing side of the site.  These facade works are required to ensure the upper sections of the building do not start to crumble and pose risks to students, staff and passers-by … and also means our campus will stay looking beautiful!
The works are expected to be completed in 1-2 months.  Please be mindful when entering or exiting the building, and when walking the perimeter - unexpected obstacles or construction workers may be in your way from time to time.
Melbourne Campus - Studios Upgrade
Whilst the outside repairs, the inside upgrades …. AIM Melbourne’s Composition & Music Production Department is currently receiving an upgrade to its facilities. All studio and media lab computers will be upgraded to Pro Tools 12. Our analog and digital control rooms will receive the latest updates of Spectrasonics Omnisphere and iZotope Ozone along with NI Komplete Ultimate.  All production suites and control rooms will now be fitted out with Waves Gold, Slate Digital and the East West Composer Cloud packages. Select rooms will receive additional mixing and mastering bundles as well as Melodyne.
Both control rooms will also be receiving an upgrade to the computers with the current Mac Minis being replaced by Mac Pros.  Students, please don’t hesitate to check in with Reception if you have questions about any of the activities occurring to the facilities, or call 03 8610 4200 to be directed to the relevant department.

Sydney Building B - Level 2

In order to further improve our facilities and make the student experience the best one possible, we have acquired the lease of the building on the east side of Buildng B along Foveaux St, formerly known as Dolinas. It was determined that this space would be an ideal replacement for the 2 teaching levels previously located in Building D.

The timeline for completion of the capital works and AIM occupation of this new space was during the mid-tri break for Trimester 3, 2015. The builders have already removed internal walls and if all goes to plan, we will start teaching in the new lecture/tutorial rooms in week 7.

The only offices that will not be moving from Building D into level 2 of Building B are the Student Wellbeing office. These will be located in B318, with the IT Department moving to B319 & B320. Access to this space will be via Building B. There will be a corridor cut through from Reception B near the lift. For security purposes, the existing street-front doors will not be operable.

The ‘casual staff office’ will be for both the CMP and Academic Studies staff. The Lecture and Tutorial rooms from Building D will be literally transferred, furniture and all, to the new equivalent spaces. An extra sound-rated wall will be installed between the production suites and the lecture/tutorial rooms. There will also be a new dedicated ASA office space.

Sydney Infill Building B

The 5-Storey infill project (formerly known as Zante's cafe) will further consolidate the AIM Sydney Campus on Foveaux St and will consist of 2 new theatres, multiple new lecture and tutorial spaces, offices, set construction & storage workshop, car & bicycle parking and the like.

Some of the most exiting features of this building project are:
1. The linking of Buildings A and B throughout all of the levels of the infill. For example, to travel from level 3 of Building A to the Foyer of Building B will be a direct path, rather than travelling down the stairs in A – along the street – backup the stairs in B.

2. The indoor/outdoor terrace on level 3 that links to building A level 4 balcony, via a spiral staircase, will expand the vital social and networking spaces available. It will also make it more convenient to access the Café from within the precinct.

The 5 levels being planned include:

Level 1 (at basement level)
• 11 new car parking spaces, access to these spaces is via the existing basement level of 17-51 Foveaux Street.

Level 2 (at approximate street level)
• AIM retail premises fronting Foveaux Street;
• 2 x classrooms;
• new wall openings to the buildings A (near lifts) & B (Reception B) &
• rear loading area, waste storage area and 6 bicycle spaces accessed via Sophia Street with a mezzanine storage / set construction workshop above.

Level 3
• 3 x classrooms and 4 x offices;
• new wall openings to the adjoining buildings A (level 3 foyer/café) & B (PCO Major Study Rooms);
• outdoor terrace with glass balustrade fronting Foveaux St, with a spiral stair case to the existing, adjoining terrace above.

Level 4
• 6 x classrooms and 2 x offices;
• new wall openings to the existing building A; and

Level 5
• new wall openings to building A level 5;
• 2 x theatres with
o Concert Hall - approximately 200 raked seats &
o Theatre - approximately 100 seats; and,
• projecting metal frame elements on the Foveaux St and Sophia St facades.

This development is a major Capital Works program that will be completed in 15-18 months, in time for the start of Trimester 1, 2017.