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Emerge Festival 2017

Wednesday 15 November - Saturday 18 November. 2pm and 7pm.
Drama Theatre, Building A - AIM
1-55 Foveaux St, Surry Hills

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Emerge Festival 2017

An exciting season of six daringly different new short theatre works written, designed, produced and performed by the 2017 Bachelor of Performance Graduating Company, 
Artistic Director: David Fenton
Executive Producer: Peta Downes
Associate Producer (Student): Kelly Anderson
As Artistic Director for Emerge 2017 it is always a privilege to curate new theatre works. This year the graduating students of the Bachelor of Performance have responded directly to the feelings of insecurity and tension in our current political climate. Their work holds great relevance as they question the future, interrogate the past, tease apart dystopian systems and personal trauma, through farce, black comedy, drama and physical theatre. However, underpinning this global critique remains the centre of all good theatre, compassion, empathy, the role of loving families, motherhood and a desire to be well.
I hope you enjoy these challenging and engaging new theatre works as much as I enjoyed the process of nurturing these promising emerging artists.
David Fenton PhD
Blacklight Theatre Company is a collaborative company of honest storytellers committed to providing innovative, insightful and inventive theatre, with endless amounts of fun. We are daring, generous and create for the greater good of art.
Company Members: Javiera Cancino, Lexie Dent, Thomas Maguire, Caroline McAllister, Alexandra Smith, Cecelia Strachan, Benjamin Tarlinton

The Mistakable, and Completely Accidental Misunderstanding of Finding Natalie Boomer by Caroline McAllister
On a remote hiking trail, an epic adventure unfolds as a woman in search of herself…ends up searching for herself.  Natalie Boomer, a twenty-something in an early mid-life crisis, decides to join an ‘Eat Pray Love’ enthusiast hike. On the trail, a girl goes missing and the group finds themselves pointing one way and looking another, whilst pondering the outcome of the Bachelor Finale. Set amongst the Tasmanian wilderness, Caroline McAllister’s hilarious new Australian work explores the twine that leads humans through different societal trends, revealing the power of rumour and the inherent disconnect of our modern culture. 
Director Lexie Dent
Set/Props Designer Javiera Cancino 
Costume Designer Alexandra Smith
Lighting Designer Thomas Maguire 
Sound Designer Benjamin Tarlinton
Carrier by Alexandra Smith
In a not so distant dystopic future, a young woman tries to fill the emptiness left by a system that took part of her away. When the human race faced extinction, one woman remained to repopulate the world. Generations later, all women live to serve The Woman and carry on her legacy. Can a mother’s love conquer the system and more importantly, the fear within it? Alexandra Smith’s thought-provoking new work evokes questions of love, sacrifice, morality and the horror innate to both sexes. In this matriarchal world, who is the oppressed? 
Director Benjamin Tarlinton  
Set/Props Designer Javiera Cancino
Costume Designer Lexie Dent    
Lighting Designer Caroline McAllister
Sound Designer Cecelia Strachan 
Reverberate Theatre Company brings together eight different and unique performers to create contemporary and forward-thinking work.  We aim to challenge perceptions through our provocative and compassionate approach, whilst always staying honest and provoking the audience to think. 
Company members: Bridget-Rose Dutoit, Elizabeth Hoctor, Samuel Newing-Stern, Maxwell Oliver, Matthew Paliaga, John Guy Palmeri, Tyler Thoroughgood and Isabella Wagschall.
Kidnapped by John Guy Palmeri
In a post-apocalyptic bunker, a mother’s love is all you need for protection but beneath the surface lies curiosity and fear. Kidnapped tells the story of a mother protecting her three children from the horrors that are left behind from the end of civilisation. For as long as the children can remember the door to the outside world has always been locked, but what happens when someone knocks?
Director Matthew Paliaga
Set/Props Designer Samuel Newing-Stern
Costume Designer Elizabeth Hoctor
Lighting Designer Tyler Thoroughgood
Sound Designer Bridget-Rose Dutoit
Atropos by Samuel Newing-Stern and Isabella Wagschall
What is our fate in this world of conflict and do we have control over it? Atropos is the Greek goddess who decides the fate of every human.  Now it seems that this power has fallen into the hands of a select few, leaving us powerless to bring about change. War, terror, alienation, power, fear, loss and life are explored through a physical theatre performance, using movement and dance. 
Directors Samuel Newing-Stern & Isabella Wagschall 
Set/Props Designer Matthew Paliaga
Costume Designer Bridget-Rose Dutoit
Lighting/AV Designer Tyler Thoroughgood
Sound Designer Elizabeth Hoctor
Dovetail Theatre Company provides innovative theatre that pushes the form and creates a sense of community; whilst challenging audience beliefs and values to invoke change. We are collaborative group of passionate and hardworking artists, that place important social issues at the heart of our exploration of theatrical form.
Company Members: Bridget Garcia, Darby Minner, Jamie Montgomery, Kianah Marléna and Emily Parker.
Houdini by Emily Parker
What happens when the system that should be taking care of you, forgets you exist?  Michael is in hospital. He’s been there for a long time.  He suspects the nurses are slowly trying to kill him, but he’s not going to wait around to find out. Houdini uses verbatim experiences interwoven with fictional accounts based on real events, to tell a story about fear, trauma and what happens to your mind when you can’t escape. 
Director Kianah Marléna 

Set/Props Designer Emily Parker

Costume Designer Jamie Montgomery 

Lighting Designer Kianah Marléna 

AV Designer Emily Parker

Sound Designer Darby Minner

Functioning by Kianah Nelson
Helping yourself, being helped or feeling helpless. These are the choices you have when dealing with mental health. But what happens when none of the choices work? Three women fighting to live their best life are faced with failing health care that doesn’t know how to support them. Functioning is a dark, satirical comedy about working the system to get healthy.
Directors Darby Minner and KIanah Marléna

Set/Props Designer Kianah Marléna

Costume Designer Jamie Montgomery 

Lighting Designer Kianah Marléna 

Sound Designer Bridget Garcia