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Emerge - New Short Works Festival 2015

Emerge New Short Works Festival 2015
Sat 28 Nov - Sat 5 Dec
(various dates & times)
Australian Hall
150 Elizabeth St, Sydney
$15 General Admission,
FREE for teachers & students

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Emerge New Short Works Festival 2015

Artistic Director: Sally Blackwood & Peta Downes
Developed, created, designed, produced and performed by the 2015 Bachelor of Performance Graduating Company
An exciting season of six daringly different new short theatre works created, developed, designed, produced and performed by the Graduating Company, under the artistic direction of Sally Blackwood & Peta Downes.

*A brief synopsis of each show is below
Duration is approximately 2.5 hours including a 20 min interval.

► Download the Official EMERGE program here
EMERGE Program

School Matinee Bookings please contact AIM Dramatic Arts on (02) 9219 5424
Please note: this production is rated M for mature audience. It contains simulated violence, partial nudity, coarse language, adult themes and strobe lighting. Not suitable for children under the age of 15.
Australian Hall is a 10 minute walk from Central Station and AIM’s main campus in Foveaux Street, Surry Hills. The closest train station is Museum or there is a bus stop out the front of Australian Hall if you are coming by bus.

2015 Bachelor of Performance Graduating Company


By Bradley Elliot-Watson

In a deadly situation the media takes every advantage to turn the experience of the victims into entertainment for the world to enjoy. On eviction night, an unknown gunman takes control of the Big Brother house. The housemates must learn to survive the game, playing to what the bloodthirsty viewers want. Eviction is a social satire set in today’s society of media saturation and focuses on the blurring of our reality and the world of reality TV.

Then and Now

By Jayne Nasmyth

Then and Now began with interviews between Jayne Nasmyth and her father Chilla Nasmyth about Chilla’s experiences in the Vietnam War. Using these interviews as inspiration, Then and Now is a ‘massaged verbatim’ work that follows Annie as she uncovers the dark war memories that her father, Frank, has been protecting her from.

Quiet Carriage

By Laura Kierse

“What happened to being a strong, independent woman?” – Emma. With her essay deadline looming over her and her station fast approaching, something’s got to give. Quiet Carriage explores female friendship, feminism and private versus public space all within the confines of a Sydney Train’s Kiama service. On her commute home with her outspoken best friend, Natalie, a selfproclaimed feminist and university student must finish an assignment. However, her study is interrupted by a handful of unwanted travelling companions and unfortunately she flounders in moments of confrontation.

The Repositorium

By Aeva Dolva O'Dea

“Cool your knickers Charlotte.” – Alberta. The Repositorium is an absurdist comedy exploring female friendship, set in the fictional world of The Sorting House, the repository for the original copy of every book ever written. Overseen by the Authority, curators must sort, classify and archive each book. Alberta and Charlotte have been friends since they were young but with the arrival of Bernard, their friendship is about to be tested. Two women, one man and a whole load of books – will everything get sorted or will they be stuck together in eternal cataloguing hell?.


By Keeli Royle

We all know that pang of familiarity when we feel it come on, like an old friend come back to haunt us. Cara knows this the second she sees Depression walk through her door. No matter how hard she tries she can’t seem to rid herself of it. Even with the help of her shrink it becomes more difficult to remove herself from the situation. By the time Cara does, she is so totally lost she doesn’t know what to do. Voices explores how depression plays in the mind of someone if depression had a persona.

The Westermarck Effect

By Clare Todorovitch

Ivy is hosting her first dinner party and wants everything to go according to plan. But when her sister Camille brings her new boyfriend Nick to the table, Ivy’s perfect night encounters more surprises than originally planned. The group’s natural dynamic is thrown off balance by Nick’s opposed and aging. The Westermarck Effect explores what it means to be the new generation of “baby-adults”. An authentic look at the lives and relationships of the young adults of today’s socially conscious yet completely naïve society.