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Home > Blogs > Live Music Reviews > January 2014 > It Doesn’t Get Eddie Vedder Than This!
LIVE Review

It Doesn’t Get Eddie Vedder Than This!

29 January 2014

There is a Pearl Jam song for everything in my life.

Making interesting choices in boys has always led me to sitting with my headphones on full blast listening to ‘Betterman’, knowing Eddie was right that I couldn’t find him but would settle for what I had. When those relationships end due to heart break and other frustrations ‘Animal’ would always be played at the highest decimal possible which steered me to having epic bedroom concerts screaming out that I would rather be with an animal.

Pearl Jam - Big Day Out 2014.
These days Eddie voices a more relaxed, free spirited me.

My travels, summer nights and road trips up and down the coast always involve winning tunes such as ‘Alive’, ‘Given to Fly’, ‘Yellow Ledbetter’, ‘Even Flow’ and all the rest.

The most chilled out moments are when ‘Release’ and ‘Oceans’ are playing.

My sporadic dedication to the gym sees me cycling hard to ‘Spin the Black Circle’ and throwing myself at punching bags to ‘Go’.

In October, 2012 I had all my valuables stolen from me in South America. It wasn’t until 5 months later when finally reaching Central America I bought an I-Touch. Due to low funds I only purchased one album on ITunes for the remaining 3 months of my trip- The ‘Into the Wild’ soundtrack was all I needed. Eddie reminded me to ‘Set forth into the Universe’, to ‘Rise’ up and that it’s ok to leave ‘Society’ behind for a while.

On Sunday I went to Big Day Out for pearl Jam. They were everything I expected and more. The collaborative energy that Eddie, Stone, Mike, Jeff and Matt create is so rare to modern rock music these days. Their tunes are timeless to me. Every song takes me back to another time and place. The band turn me into this 90s fan girl, who can’t control her screaming and needs to jump around like a maniac. I may have annoyed a few people in the crowd the other night (or won a few others over), but I’m sure it would have been acceptable back in the 90s when Eddie use to launch off the top of the stage into the crowd.

Eddie got a little boozy throughout the set but still put on an amazing performance. In celebration of Australia Day he drank a bottle of wine with an Australian Flag stubby holder. He has always had this love for Australia and our surf culture.

The AV display and lighting was on point throughout the set and I am very impressed by the number of old school hits they played in their 2 and a half hour set.

I really can’t think of anything bad to say in regards to Pearl Jam’s effort the other night.

One big box has been ticked off this year! And I think my highlight for 2014 has already been made.

Keep on Rocking in the Free World!