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Vision & Mission Statement


AIM aspires to teach, motivate, and inspire domestic and international students to make significant contributions to the global economy in performing, creative and management arts. In the tertiary program, AIM commits to making contributions to higher education outcomes in Australia and to free intellectual inquiry.


AIM’s mission is to provide practical skills, knowledge and tools in the formation and presentation of artistic works in the performing, creative and management arts. This distills to become the following education outcomes for students:

1. The ability to adapt to a wide variety of employment and career opportunities on the basis of well-developed specialisations and transdisciplinary skills in the performing, creative and management arts.

2. The reinforcement of a strong sense of purpose and an accompanying commitment to artistic integrity and quality.

3. The development of the capacity to think logically, to analyse critically and to explore responsible solutions to problems.

4. An integrated grasp and appreciation of the nature of reality underpinned by a sense of curiosity, which will serve as the basis for lifelong learning.